Since the very beginning, compliance and “doing the right thing” has always been at the heart of PEO Worldwide. This approach has guided us over the years as we’ve grown, developed our expertise and built up an international footprint.

Today, we offer our PEO (Professional Employer Organisation) services in a growing number of over 100 countries — supporting businesses across all industries by helping them expand into new markets across the globe.

So, what made us want to rebrand?

When we first formed PEO Worldwide in 2013, delivering a premium and fully compliant service was the driving force behind the business.

While we were busy developing our knowledge and expertise — working hard to provide the best PEO service possible and ensure everything was done by the book — the look and feel of our brand took a back seat. For us, it was all about substance over style.

Fast forward to the present, and it became clear that our brand was dated, inconsistent and didn’t do PEO Worldwide justice. Between us, we have over 50 years’ experience in this field, and we are the experts at what we do — but our branding didn’t reflect this.

This is why we wanted to modernise the PEO Worldwide brand and visually demonstrate our premium service and expertise — positioning us as the leading Employer of Record global expansion partner.

A new approach

Before starting on any visual work, we first wanted to establish and cement what PEO Worldwide stood for us a company.

Our business is built on compliance, we are ambitious, and we are always looking for ways to grow — but we are also real people. We are the experts in Employer of Record solutions and take this industry VERY seriously. However, we also know what it is like to run a business; we like to have fun with it, and we understand our customers.

As such, we saw a real opportunity to add some personality into the EOR industry, positioning ourselves somewhere in the middle to help differentiate PEO Worldwide from our competitors.

To do this, we decided that we needed to combine our years of diverse experience with a new approach. This approach is led by our new core message — “expert one-stop solutions for your global expansion journey” — and four supporting pillars: knowledgeable, expert, trusted and modern.

Knowledgable: Our vast knowledge across a huge number of countries means we are the partner of choice when expanding your business globally.

Expert: Our employment solutions take care of everything you need to ensure you are “doing the right thing” when it comes to employees in all the countries you operate in.

Trusted: We guarantee your business is in safe hands. During uncertain times, we have the expertise to manage the unknown territories for you.

Modern: We are a forward-thinking business. We understand your needs, and we know the struggles of employment overseas. We get you!

A striking visual identity

Our visual identity plays a crucial role in making us who we are. The logo represents the PEO Worldwide brand and acts as a clear identifier across all our communications, while the strong and communicative element of colour is an integral part of our corporate identity. So, we felt it needed a refresh.

From this:

Old PEO logo


To this:

New peo logo



As standard, many companies operating in our industry use blue as their key colour. In colour psychology, blue is seen as a trusted colour — as a sign of stability and reliability. However, it is also conservative and traditional.

We decided to keep blue in our colour palette and logo, only with a modern twist. A touch of green signifies growth and renewal. Combined with energetic orange and powerful red, our new colour palette is a bold and striking blend of colours, which instantly draws the eye and provides both vibrancy and flexibility to our branding.

Our brand-new hub

Our website is our hub, into which content from all other communications flows. It provides the main link between PEO Worldwide and our customers — both existing and new.

With our new website, we wanted to create a seamless user experience, which would provide customers with all the information they need for their global expansion journey and leave them feeling we are the Employer of Record partner of choice.

This involved a complete re-write of existing content, including blogs, to ensure a consistent tone of voice and messaging throughout. We also implemented the new logo and colour palette, as well as engaging and striking imagery to highlight our diverse range of employees and represent our worldwide footprint.

Take a look around our new website — there is plenty of content for you to dive into. If you would like to discuss your EOR requirements, please get in touch today.