Contract of Employment

  • Each worker is issued with a comprehensive contract of employment (in native language and English).
  • An overview of the statutory requirements such as Month 13, Single & Double Vacation Allowance will be made available to you prior to contract offer.
    • Did you know that with effect from 1 January 2014, there is no requirement to include a trial period in a Belgian contract of employment.
  • PEO Worldwide will appraise you of all the salient in-territory HR rules to ensure you have a thorough understanding of Belgian laws and protocols.
  • In conjunction with in-country expert advisors, PEO Worldwide will recommend where these provisions can easily be enhanced i.e. contractual sick pay, Belgian mileage scheme, enabling you to provide a fully competitive salary and benefits package for all your employees.
  • Salary, Commissions/Bonuses & Benefits are agreed with the ‘workside’ employer and contractually included.


  • Fully managed service to assist with routine HR tasks such as absence management and expense processing.
  • Guidance on in-territory compliance requirements such as any legal obligation to record time and overtime provisions.
  • Ad-hoc support available around the clock to support you when you need it most in the event of any disciplinary, grievance or other HR matters requiring urgent attention.
  • Regular updates provided and advice available to ensure that you are made aware of not only significant changes to existing laws but also to ensure ongoing compliance with all aspects of Belgian employment law.
    • Are you familiar with the annual Salary Indexation Adjustment required? Each year in January, an adjustment is required to employees’ salaries in order to comply with the Paritary Committee n° 218 (P.C. 218). Indexation is the mechanism whereby salaries are linked to the consumer price index and in 2014 amounted to 1.02%.
  • PEO Worldwide will bring any issues to your early attention and, where appropriate, work with you to ensure internal policies and handbooks are updated accordingly.
  • Labour accident insurance provided to comply with Belgian law

Payroll & Settlement

  • Dimona declaration submitted to the competent authority prior to employee start date.
  • Fully compliant International payroll funding process ensuring that employees and competent authorities are paid on time, electronically into the relevant bank accounts
  • Statutory filing, submissions and end of year reporting completed as standard.
  • Liability payments made in line with local territory requirements to the tax office (Federale Overheidsdienst FINANCIEN) and social security office (Rijksdienst voor Sociale Zekerheid – RSZ)
  • Staff payments made to employees on fixed weekly/ Bi weekly/ monthly basis as required in local currency.
  • Electronic Payslips provided to employees.
  • We hope that you enjoy a long and mutually beneficial relationship with all your employees. If your employee leaves, however, you can rest assured that all offboarding documentation required by your employee will be issued in a timely manner (Werkloosheidsbewijs – for claiming unemployment – if necessary; Tewerkstellingattest (confirmation of work; Attest Vergroegd Vakantiegeld (confirmation of holiday pay processed).

We appreciate each situation and business is different. That is why we offer a consultative and bespoke solution to every client. Personalised job specifications, job offers and benefits packages are all agreed with you during the set up process. We know one size does not ‘fit all’.

Please contact us to schedule your initial consultation.