As an international Professional Employer Organisation, PEO Worldwide offers a one-stop solution to every issue preventing you from taking the leap into overseas territories. We provide involved and hands-on support with all areas of business including HR, payroll, legal and employee benefits — with a laser-eyed focus on global expansion.

But wait, it gets better.

Now, we’ve also merged with TopSource — a frontrunner in payroll and cloud and mobile HR — to create one leading global employment group!

Worldwide coverage

At PEO Worldwide, we cover a vast range of territories and have unmatched knowledge across hundreds of countries and all employment aspects, including a firm footing in and understanding of the US employment sector. TopSource then dominates regions like India.

TopSource also delivers more than 1.4 million payslips and processes over 1 million purchase ledgers and banking transactions every year — and brings a substantial pool of 800 clients to the group. Its HR and accounting services include gross-to-net calculation, auto-enrolment, workplace pensions, BACS processing, timesheet processing, holiday tracking, staffing solutions and much more. Portico™, TopSource’s cloud and mobile HR solution, also provides a full and straightforward HR self-service for clients and employees.

Together, we can cover all regions and provide a premium employment solution with truly worldwide coverage.

Of the new venture, our co-founder, Paul Sleath, said: ‘The opportunity for us to be part of this fantastic journey and share PEO Worldwide and TopSource’s class-leading services to a wider audience is truly exciting. Both businesses’ core strengths truly complement each other by putting together scale and expertise. The existing alignment of the group’s individual company values and the ethos of putting our clients at the centre of all we do is why we are convinced that this will be a success. It provides a win-win for our clients and colleagues alike. I am proud to be part of the enlarged group.’

A new direction

Our specialist group has also appointed a new Board of Directors, which will be responsible for ensuring we achieve our strategic and financial goals.

Martin Smith, non-executive chairman of the group, said: ‘I am looking forward to supporting the group in setting and implementing our growth strategy — ensuring we have investor support when necessary and helping to create an environment where success is achievable and celebrated’.

The new merger has been backed by Horizon Capital, a UK-based private equity firm, that supports rapidly growing businesses. Working together with management teams, Horizon Capital has developed a consistent and proven approach to driving sustainable growth and creating market-leading companies.

Through Horizon Capital, the group has gained committed funding for investment in marketing and sales, new leadership and talent, and new business acquisition. This new way forward will allow us to accelerate immediate growth plans and invest in sustained long-term business growth, driving success both now and in the future.

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